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Redgates Farm Shop is well established as a place to buy with confidance. Running along side our livestock farm. We offer a range of traditionally Reared and matured meats at affordable prices. All butchered on site by our professional butchers.
  Meat (Chicken)

Chicken Fillets
Finest Quality Fresh Chicken fillets Approx 4 to 1kg
£7.95 / 1kg
  Meat (Meat Boxes)

Steak Box
Steak selection for 2 people 2 x 250g Rump Steaks 2 x 250g Rib eye steaks 4 x 110g Pork loin Steaks 2 x 250g Horseshoe Gammon Steaks 2 x 200g Lamb Chump Steaks
£25.00 each
Roasting Box
Roasting joints for upto 4 people 1kg Finest Topside beef 1kg Boned & Rolled Leg of Pork 1kg Lamb Leg 1.5kg Whole fresh Chicken
£30.00 each
Butchers Variety box
Butchers Variety box for 1 person 1 x 200g Chicken Fillet 1 x 220g Sirloin Steak 2 x 110g Pork loin Steaks 1 x 250g Minced Beef 1 x 250g Traditional Pork Sausage 1 x 250g Dry-cured Back Bacon
£12.99 each
Sausage Selection box
A Selection of our best selling sausages, hand made by ourselves 8 x Traditional Pork Sausage 8 x Lincolnshire 6 x Pork & Wild Mushroom 8 x pork, Sage & Red Onion 6 x Meaty Cumberland
£14.99 each
Slow Roast Box
Slow roasting joints for up to 4 people 1kg Boned & Rolled Brisket 1kg Boned & Rolled Lamb Shoulder 1kg Boned & Rolled Pork Shoulder
£19.99 each
  Meat (Beef)

Fillet Steak
21 days+ Matured Home Reared Fillet Steaks 2x250g
£15.50 each
Rib-eye Steaks
21day+ Matured Home Reared Rib-eye Steaks 2x250g
£9.50 each
Rump Steaks
21 day+ Matured Home reared Rump Steaks 2 x 250g
£7.25 each
Sirlion Steaks
21 day+ Matured Home Reared Sirloin Steaks 2 x 250g
£9.95 each


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