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Local pet shop , that has been serving customers in and around westbury for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of products including loose foods, dry food, beds , toys collars and leads. We also now stock frozen and live foods as well as reptile supplies.
  Pet (Cat)

DREAMIES™ Mix Cat Treats with Scrumptious Salmon & Heavenly Tuna 60g
£1.56 each
DREAMIES™ Cat Treats with Duck 60g
£1.56 each
Bob Martin Clear Wormer Granules for Cats & Kittens from 3 Months 3 x 222.2mg
£5.15 each
DREAMIES™ Anti-Hairball Cat Treats with Chicken 55g
£1.56 each
THOMAS Cat Litter 16L
£5.60 each
DREAMIES™ Mix Cat Treats with Delicious Cheese & Tempting Beef 60g
£1.49 each
Felix with Chicken in Jelly 100g
£0.39 each
Go-Cat with Turkey and Added Vegetables 340g
£1.00 each
Go-Cat with Tuna, Herring and added Vegetables 340g
£1.00 each
Good Girl Double Cat Dinner Bowl
£1.99 each
Go-Cat with Chicken and Duck 340g
£1.00 each
Harringtons Chicken with Rice Adult Cat Complete 2kg
£5.49 each
Harringtons Rich in Salmon with Rice Adult Cat Complete 2kg
£5.49 each
Natures Menu Country Hunter Ch  
£0.80 each
"Kong Kickeroo C Cow X1"  
£5.35 each
Bpets Cat Feeding Bowl 11.5Cm  
£0.99 each
Harts Litter Liners  
£0.99 each
Jol Mog Novelty Dlx Astd X3  
£3.99 each
Natures Menu Country Hunter Ca  
£1.00 each
"Ny Hns Fig8 Moon&Stars Blkx1"  
£7.95 each
"Cat Water Fntain Rplc Cart X1  
£5.95 each
Hartz Velvet Cat Collar  
£1.29 each
Jw Cat Adt House Cat 1.5Kg X1  
£12.69 each
Jw Lamb Cat Adult 85G Pouchx12  
£0.69 each
Jw Turkey Cat Adult 85G Pchx12  
£0.69 each
Rc C Kit Pch Inst Jel 85G X12  
£0.99 each
Ppi Cat Litter Tray Liners To  
£1.49 each
"Dfrsh D&C Tthpaste 45G X12"  
£3.99 each
"Burgess Adt Chkn&Duck 1.5Kg X  
£3.49 each
"Omega C Tsty Chk&Dck 10Kg X1"  
£23.99 each
"Pm Gmt Beef Liver 10G X8"  
£1.39 each
"V-X Treats For Cats 120G X1"  
£9.84 each
"4Fleas Spot-On Kit 2 Vial Pkx  
£7.99 each
"Cat Flea Collar Velour X12"  
£3.55 each
"Animal Drms Cat Litter 30Lx1"  
£13.69 each
"Cnip Plsh Ferret 110Mm X12"  
£1.65 each
"Ergo C Moulting Comb X1"  
£4.95 each
Rc Fhn Sensible 33 2Kg X1  
£18.69 each
"Furry Mini Mouse 40Mm X24"  
£0.89 each
"C Clr Bells Asrt 3Pk X12"  
£2.00 each
"Nyl Rf Rp Ld Blk 12Mmx1.5M X1  
£8.86 each
"App C Can Chicken Duck 70G X2  
£1.09 each
"App C Can Chk Mack Jly 70Gx24  
£1.09 each
"App C Can Chk Mango Jly 70Gx2  
£1.09 each
"App C Can Mack Sbrm Jly 70Gx2  
£1.09 each
"App C Can Tun Seawd Jly 70Gx2  
£1.09 each
"App C Can Tuna Crab 70G X24"  
£1.09 each
"App C Cn Chkn Brst 70G X24"  
£1.09 each
"App C Cn Chkn Brst&Chs 70G X2  
£1.09 each
"App C Cn Tna Fil&Chs 70G X24"  
£1.09 each
"App C Cn Tna Fil&Prwn 70Gx24"  
£1.09 each
"App C Pch Chkn&Liver Ij 70Gx1  
£1.19 each
"App C Pch Tna Slmn Ij 70Gx16"  
£1.19 each
"Burgess Kit Chkn 1.5Kg X4"  
£4.91 each
"Nm C Treats Salm&Trout 60G X1  
£1.99 each
"Vitalin Nat Adult Salm 1.5Kgx  
£10.99 each
"Excel Bedding & Litter 4Kg X1  
£6.41 each
"Fl Cat 1 Pipte X1"  
£7.40 each
"Vn Litter Scoop Giant X1"  
£2.25 each
"App C Chk & Ext Duck 400G X1"  
£4.49 each


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