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Organic veg delivery south london

You can now order from the following shops and receive your order in just one convienient delivery.

We are no-frills organic buying club with a common goal - to save money on fresh, healthy and highest quality organic produce. We combine the purchasing power of our members to get better prices and make it affordable to select organic produce.

Vegetable Box (Large)
Suitable for 3-5 people. Minimum 12 types of Vegetables (including potatoes). Box contents: Potatoes Peppers Kale Cucumber Tomatoes Aubergine Lettuce Squash Carrots Brocolli Onions Mushrooms
£17.50 each
Vegetable (Medium)
Suitable for 2-3 people. Minimum 8 types of Vegetables including potatoes. Box contents: Potatoes Tomatoes Carrots Peppers Onions Spinach Lettuce Mushrooms
£12.50 each
Fruit Box (Medium)
Suitable for 2-3 people. Minimum 5 types of Fruits including Bananas (standard portions). Box contents: Bananas Apples Kiwi Fruits Pineapple Pears
£10.50 each
Mixed (Fruit and Veg) Box (Small)
Suitable for 1-2 people. Minimum 3 types of Fruits and 5 Vegetables. Box contents: Potatoes Tomatoes Carrots Onions Lettuce Bananas Grapefruits Apples
£12.50 each
  Vegetables (Organic)

Beetroot, Loose
£1.55 / 1kg
Spring Onions
£0.99 / 500g
Broccolli (1 head)
£1.99 each
Brussel Sprouts
£1.79 / 500g
Cabbage, Red
£1.99 each
Cabbage, White
£1.46 each
Carrots, Washed
£0.79 / 500g
£1.99 each
£2.29 / 3
Sweetcorn, Fresh
£1.65 each
Potatoes, Sweet (700g)
£2.80 each
Spinach, Loose
£2.89 / 400g
Tomatoes, Cheery
£2.49 / 250g
  Vegetables (Herbs)

£2.11 / 50g


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