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Suppliers of: Locally sourced, traditionally butchered meat & dairy-with full provenance. Hand made sausage & burgers. Organic fruit & veg-certified by the Soil Association for over 10 years. Deli delicacies & wholefoods-including specialist dietary foods, such as gluten & dairy free.
  Meat (Meat Boxes)

Winter Warmer Meat Box
Need a bit of comfort fodder? Enjoy! 450g Stewing Steak 450g Braising Steak 450g Minced Steak 450g Hand Made, Premium Sausage 450g Dry Cured Bacon
£16.00 each
BBQ Pack Feeds 2
Our BBQ Feeds 2 Pack (£8.50) contains: 2 pork chops 2 hand made burgers 4 hand made sausages 2 minute steaks
£8.50 each
BBQ Pack Feeds 4
Our BBQ pack feeds four very hungry people! Contents include: 4 hand made premium sausages 4 hand made premium burgers 4 pieces of chicken BBQ speciality of the week (for example: kofta, minute steak, kebabs, lamb burgers) 4 soft rolls tub hand made coleslaw All our meat is high welfare, with full provenance.
£14.95 each
Meat for a Week Box
Our Meat for a Week Box costs just £37.99 and contains the following: all freshly prepared, suitable for freezing: A roasting joint-Approx 1KG. Best Braising Steak-Approx 500g. 4 Pork Chops-Locally sourced 6 handmade premium Avid burgers Handmade premium Avid sausages-Approx 500g Dry cured premium Avid back bacon-Approx 500g A barn reared chicken
£39.99 each
  Meat (Pork)

Ham Shank
£3.50 each
  Meat (Beef)

Hand Made Burgers
Hand made quarter pound burgers. This is a premium product, hand made at our farm shop using the best cuts of meat.
£7.00 / 10
Stewing Steak Diced
£4.00 / 500g
Minced Steak
£15.99 / 5lb
Minced Steak
£4.00 / 500g
Stewing Steak Diced
£15.99 / 5lb
Braising Steak
£15.99 / 5lb
Braising Steak
£4.00 / 500g


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