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Hello, we are Derek and Wendy Eagle. Harvest 4U delivers fresh, organic and local produce to your door. You can order one of our veg boxes, mixed fruit and veg, or make up your own box contents from our extensive pick list.
  Vegetables (Salads)

Sourced from Ripple Farm, a Soil Association Approved Farm in Canterbury. Produce from Martin is 100% Local and Organic. High in Calcium and Iron, Spinach has been a staple of many a diet for century's. This is why there are plenty of recipes for th.
£1.90 each
Mixed Salad
A bag of this contains a mixture of salad leaves that are perfect for using as a base for any concoction you desire to dream of. .
£1.90 each
Tomatoes 500g
Round, Red & Ready to enhance any plate.
£0.99 each
Kent Lollo Rosso Lettuce
locally grown.
£1.90 each
Kent Iceberg Lettuce
The lettuce with crunch.
£1.00 each
Straight or curved, either way still cool.
£1.10 each
Mini Cucumber
From the garden of England.
£0.85 each
Plum Tomatoes 500g
Longer than the average tomato.
£1.50 each
Cherry Tomatoes
Little bombs of explosive flavour.
£1.80 each
Cooked Beetroot 250g Pack
REDUCED PRICE All ready for the plate or eat straight from the pack.
£1.00 each
Green Pepper
Green and Crunchy! Last of the Prime Season for Peppers!!!.
£0.75 each
Orange Pepper
Sweeter than the rest.
£0.90 each
Yellow Pepper
Red pepper yellow pepper Now you try .
£0.90 each
Red Pepper
Red n Crunchy.
£0.90 each
Spring Onion Bunch
Add some spice to your salad.
£0.60 each
Mustard & Cress
Never under estimate the nutrition in this little punnet.
£0.50 each
Crisp & crunchy.
£1.20 each
Watercress Bunch   There is evidence that this remarkable plant has been in use as a medicinal herb since the first century. It contains iron, iodine, copper, calcium and potassium and is a well-known and rich source of Vitamin C.
£1.95 each


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