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Hello, we are Derek and Wendy Eagle. Harvest 4U delivers fresh, organic and local produce to your door. You can order one of our veg boxes, mixed fruit and veg, or make up your own box contents from our extensive pick list.
  Vegetables (Salads)

Sourced from Ripple Farm, a Soil Association Approved Farm in Canterbury. Produce from Martin is 100% Local and Organic. High in Calcium and Iron, Spinach has been a staple of many a diet for century's. This is why there are plenty of recipes for th.
£1.90 each
Mixed Salad
A bag of this contains a mixture of salad leaves that are perfect for using as a base for any concoction you desire to dream of. .
£1.90 each
Tomatoes 500g
Round, Red & Ready to enhance any plate.
£0.99 each
Kent Lollo Rosso Lettuce
locally grown.
£1.90 each
Kent Iceberg Lettuce
The lettuce with crunch.
£1.00 each
Straight or curved, either way still cool.
£1.10 each
Mini Cucumber
From the garden of England.
£0.85 each
Plum Tomatoes 500g
Longer than the average tomato.
£1.50 each
Cherry Tomatoes
Little bombs of explosive flavour.
£1.80 each
Cooked Beetroot 250g Pack
REDUCED PRICE All ready for the plate or eat straight from the pack.
£1.00 each
Green Pepper
Green and Crunchy! Last of the Prime Season for Peppers!!!.
£0.75 each
Orange Pepper
Sweeter than the rest.
£0.90 each
Yellow Pepper
Red pepper yellow pepper Now you try .
£0.90 each
Red Pepper
Red n Crunchy.
£0.90 each
Spring Onion Bunch
Add some spice to your salad.
£0.60 each
Mustard & Cress
Never under estimate the nutrition in this little punnet.
£0.50 each
Crisp & crunchy.
£1.20 each
Watercress Bunch   There is evidence that this remarkable plant has been in use as a medicinal herb since the first century. It contains iron, iodine, copper, calcium and potassium and is a well-known and rich source of Vitamin C.
£1.95 each

Brussell Sprouts
Small but mighty balls of ........leaves (500g).
£1.35 each
Chard, is a leafy green vegetable often used in Mediterranean cooking. The leaves can be green or reddish in colour; chard stalks also vary in color to give us 'Rainbow Chard'.
£1.90 each
Green Courgette 500g
Try courgettes sliced thinly and eaten raw, cooked on a griddle, in a stir fry, or fried in a light batter as chips..
£1.50 each
Mange Tout 100g
Oh Del Boy!! Locally grown "eat all"s .
£1.55 each
Red Onions 500g
Sweeter than the white variety.
£0.95 each
Garlic Bulb
Powerful enough to keep away any vampires.
£0.50 each
Green Curly Kale
Curly green superfood .
£1.90 each
Broccoli 500g
Special superfood that needs no further explanation .
£1.55 each
Parsnips 500g
Beautifully sweet and tender.
£1.50 each
ORGANIC White Cabbage, Medium Size
Characterised by its crisp texture, white cabbage is a top choice for making coleslaw, or as an accompaniment to hearty winter meals and roast dinners..
£1.60 each
ORGANIC Red Cabbage Medium Size
A member of the brassica family, red cabbage has been cultivated in Britain since the Middle Ages. .
£1.60 each
Savoy Cabbage
Savoy cabbage at its best, a great accompaniment to any meal - particularly the Christmas turkey.
£1.30 each
Kent Cauliflower
White and fluffy .
£1.35 each
Sweet Potato 500g
REDUCED Sweeter with less calories than the other potato.
£1.50 each
ORGANIC Dirty Carrots 500g
Sweet,succulent & crunchy. I want to know if they help you see in the dark?.
£1.50 each
ORGANIC White Onions 500g
Fresh from Ripple Farm Organics.
£1.75 each
White Onions 500g
Strong enough to make you cry.
£0.95 each
Swede Medium Sized
the swede's unpolished appearance belies its fine texture and distinctive, sweet tasting flesh..
£1.59 each
Organic Leeks 500g
A member of the onion family, the leek is a versatile vegetable that, chopped and combined with carrot, celery and onion, makes a great base for soups or stews. Its mild, sweet flavour also partners well with butter and cream in sauces.
£2.20 each
Celeriac has been bred from wild celery which originates from Northern Europe..
£1.79 each
ORGANIC Tundra Cabbage
solid, sweet, crisp heads that are ideal for winter salads. Winter Savoy Cabbage ‘Tundra’ make a delicious and healthy side dish, as they are high in vitamins and low in calories.
£1.50 each
ORGANIC Red New Potatoes 800g Pack
Did you know that a medium-sized white potato contains 867 mg of potassium, and a medium-sized red potato supplies 969 mg? .
£1.70 each
Organic White Potatoes 1Kg Pack
Gorgeous white potato REDUCED PRICE.
£1.36 each
ORGANIC White Potatoes Family Size 3Kg Bag
Organic potatoes in handy family size.
£3.90 each
ORGANIC Red Potatoes 3Kg Pack
Handy family sized pack.
£3.90 each
Aubergine Medium Size
Also known as eggplant and brinjal.
£0.95 each
Brussel Sprouts 500g
Sweet and Local.
£1.35 each
Organic Charlotte Salad Potatoes 1kg
Excellent hot or cold in salads, or fried and incorporated into a Spanish omelette. Charlotte potatoes are also good for boiled, pan-fried or used in gratins..
£1.75 each
Large Flat Mushrooms 250g Organic
Organic large mushrooms, perfect on toast, stuffed with cheese or the finishing touch to a fry up..
£1.70 each
Chestnut Mushrooms 250g
The taste of the chestnut mushrooms is intense, strong and highly flavored and their texture is similar to meat – this is the reason why these kinds of mushrooms are great meat replacements.
£1.70 each
Button Mushrooms 250g
Round white buttons of organic mushroomness ... scrummy.
£1.60 each
Butternut Squash, Medium Size
Colourful and great for your health, butternut squash is a delicious, versatile vegetable. Learn some easy, new ways to prepare it..
£2.00 each
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Packed full of Anti-Oxidants to make it the ideal super food for a great detox. And it's purple...!!!.
£3.50 each
Organic Rainbow Carots
Purple White and Orange heritage carrots.
£1.25 each
ORGANIC Mixed Kale 225g
Yummy pack of healthy, nutritional goodness fresh from Ripple Farm.
£1.90 each
Mini Veg Box  
£10.50 each
Sprout Tops   Green Tops without the stalks. Cook as you would a cabbage :).
£1.00 each
Red Russian Kale   Equally super food in Red.
£1.90 each
Organic Stir Fry Pack 180g   mix of greens, leeks & all things organic, everything you need for a great stirfy Chopsticks optional.
£1.90 each


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