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We Deliver Local Limited Driver Terms

‘We Deliver Local’ and ‘Beelivery’ are trade names of We Deliver Local Ltd.

Driver Agreement

You provide services to us as a self-employed driver. This means that you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with the law in all ways relevant to the provision of the services including in relation to driving and insurance. You are also responsible for providing the services on time and in a professional manner, including the way in which you present yourself to each customer and otherwise relate to each customer. You are responsible for paying any taxes due in relation to your earnings from providing services using this web site. We Deliver Local does not provide legal or accountancy advice and we encourage you to obtain proper advice to ensure that you meet all of the legal requirements applicable to you.

By signing up as a delivery driver you confirm that you have the right to work in the UK as a self-employed contractor. You also agree promptly to provide the information in relation to your identity and your right to work that we request from you from time to time.

You agree that we may contact you with details of a delivery at any time that you specify by way of our app that you are available to provide services. Each delivery will be allocated to the first driver to respond to those details. We give no guarantee that a minimum number of deliveries (or indeed any deliveries) will be offered to you.

If a delivery is allocated to you, you must buy the items listed in the order using your own money (where necessary including substitute items in accordance with our substitution policy), enter the prices of the items in our app (marking any items that are out of stock) and deliver the items to the address by the time specified in the order. Once delivery is complete, you must confirm this by way of our app. You buy the items as the agent of the customer so that the customer has direct rights against the shop(s).

We will (subject to receiving from you a copy of the receipt you obtain from the shop(s) as a ‘walk-in customer’) pay you for the items delivered and the agreed fee, the day after delivery.

It is your responsibility to take back any substitutes that are not accepted by the customer as we will not pay you for them.

You should not contact a customer except for reasons that are directly connected with the delivery. You should not make a delivery to a customer referred by us to you except via us and using our app.

You are not permitted to complete a delivery for an order you have placed as a customer nor for anyone that you know personally. We reserve the right to withhold payment when we suspect fraudulent activity.

We grant you a non-exclusive licence to use our app. You agree that you will only use the app in accordance with our instructions and that you will not do anything in relation to our app which is inconsistent with our ownership of the app. In particular, you will keep your password for the app confidential and will not allow anyone else to use the app.

If you are delivering alcohol or tobacco and the customer appears to be under the age of 25, you must ask to see the customer’s driving licence or passport for proof of age. No other proof of age is acceptable. If the customer cannot provide this valid ID, you must return any alcohol or tobacco to the shop where you bought it for a refund. You will still be paid for the delivery.

You agree that you will permit us such rights in relation to the device that you use to provide the services as we require to track your location. This is to enable us to send you orders for delivery in your location, track your progress, prevent fraud and improve our service. We will only use the personal data that we acquire as a result for these purposes.

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