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Customer FAQ

Why use We Deliver Local?

With online supermarket shopping becoming an ever increasing dominant force in how we buy our groceries, We Deliver Local was setup to help local shops compete with big business and to allow their customers to continue to shop locally whilst having all the convenience of online supermarket shopping. By using We Deliver Local you will also be helping to support local shops and farmers who are trying to compete with online supermarket deliveries.

Why should I shop local?

Have a read of our 9 good reasons to shop local article.

What is the concept?

You can buy the freshest local produce from your local butcher, baker, fishmonger, greengrocer and convenience store. You can order them all together in one order and get them delivered to your door in one convenient delivery.

How do i get started?

Simply Register and check if there are any shops which deliver in your area.  If we have not yet been able to cover your area as of yet, we will email you once local shops become available for delivery.

Once registered, how do I place an order?

Type in your postcode to see what shops can deliver in your area.  Click ‘Order from this shop’ to place an order with an individual shop or click ‘Order from multiple shops’ to order from a few shops at the same time, shops which offer this service are always grouped together. You will then be taken to the order page where you must first click a day which you want your order to be delivered on, and then you can add items to your shopping cart. Once you have completed your shopping, click ‘Checkout’. Next is the payment screen. All payments are taken using Google Checkout simply follow the steps to complete payment. Your order has now been placed and you can sit back and relax. 

How can I order from multiple shops to be delivered in together?

This service is always charged at £2 per delivery but allows you to place an order from a few shops at the same time and get them all delivered in one delivery, straight to your door. We like to think of this as online supermarket shopping, local style. The shops which offer this service are grouped together on the search screen and will have a ‘Order from multiple shops’ button next to them, simply click this and you will be taken to an order page with all the shops items together on one page. Add them to your shopping cart as usual.

How much does it cost per delivery?

Each shops delivery cost varies. Our own MultiShop service is just £2 - less than what most supermarkets charge for delivery. All delivery charges are clearly shown on the search results. Some shops may offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount.

Why do no shops deliver in my area?

We Deliver Local is a relatively new site but we are working day and night to get new shops signed up to the service. We are sorry that we have not been able to cover your area as of yet. However if you Register, we will send you an email informing you when any new shops are added in your area.

I've forgotten my password, what can i do?

Don't worry just Click Here and type in your email address. We will then send a password reminder to your email address.

My delivery is late, what should i do?

If you have placed an order with one shop and the delivery has not arrived on the day you specified, please contact the shop directly, a phone number is listed next to the shop you ordered from. If you have placed an order with multiple shops using our MultiShop service, Email Us and we will look into the problem.