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Local and Scottish fresh produce, jams & preserves, bakery products, confectionery, wholefoods and health products.

2.5kg Potatoes
Local potatoes in a 2.5kg sack. These are usually Roosters, however if substituted will be a potato suited to all purposes.
£2.95 each
Chillies per 100g pack
Mixed chillies per 100g pack. Not all colours shown in image will necessarily be included.
£1.55 each
Garlic each
Loose garlic each. During late summer and autumn, our garlics are our own - grown in Brora.
£0.50 each
Ginger per 70g piece
£0.60 / 70g
Leeks per 500g
Leeks per 500g.
£1.35 / 500g
Chestnut mushrooms per 250g
Chestnut mushrooms per 250g paper bag.
£1.85 / 250g
Onions per kg
Loose onions per kilogram.
£1.40 / 1kg
Red onions per kg
Loose red onions per kilogram.
£1.45 / 1kg
Parsnips per kg
Loose parsnips per kilogram.
£1.90 / 1kg
Local Swede each
Local Brora swedes each.
£1.25 each
Rhubarb per kg
Grown in Brora, this is a truly local vegetable. We stock it as long as the season lasts - try it as a: Crumble, Pie, Muffin, Jam/jelly, Sauce, Wine, Fruit bar any more suggestions? Rhubarb is usually considered to be a vegetable but some think of it as a fruit, we've got it in the vegetable section here. Rhubarb contains glycosides especially rhein, glucorhein and emodin which impart cathartic and laxative qualities
£3.00 / 1kg
Brussels Sprouts per 500g
Local Brussels Sprouts per 500g bag.
£1.45 / 500g
Sweet potatoes each
Sweet potatoes each. Each weigh around 400g.
£0.55 each
Cabbage each
Cabbage per item.
£0.95 each
Carrots per kg
Carrots per kilogram. Please note that bunches are not always available and carrots may arrive loose.
£1.30 / 1kg
Cauliflower each
Cauliflower each.
£1.10 each
Broccoli per kg
Broccoli per kilogram.
£3.80 / 1kg


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